What is Cheese Fondue?

What is cheese fondue? Yaggi Cheese House

The tradition of cheese fondue dates back to the 18th century and is said to have been started as a result of the cold winter months of Switzerland which prevented villagers from making regular trips to their local market. In order to survive in style, they would stock up on aged cheeses and bread during the warmer months to hold them over through the long, snowy winters that Switzerland is known for. Most people wanted to get their bread fresh every day from their local baker, but due to the extreme weather were unable to do so. The way they found to make the stiff, stale bread edible was to add it to some melted cheese, which would bring the bread back to life in just a few seconds. Voila! There you have it, the birth of fondue. The word fondue actually comes from the French word “fondre” which means “to melt” which is in essence what fondue is—melted cheese! What is better than melted cheese? NOTHING. Come on out to Yaggi Cheese House to grab the cheese that you’ll be melting this season.
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So, now that you know what cheese fondue is, what will you do with this knowledge? Don’t keep it to yourself; that just wouldn’t be right. Share the information. Even better than that would be sharing some cheese delicious, well-aged cheese that you’ve purchase at Yaggi Cheese House and inviting others to discover what you already know. Cheese fondue is delicious and is meant to be shared!
The Yaggi family is originally from Switzerland, and they welcome sharing their love of cheese with you!
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Take some time to visit a real cheese house, virtually unchanged over the last 90 years. While they no longer produce the cheese here, they still age all of the cheese they sell until it is up to their high standard.

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