Slow Down & Smell The Cheese!

Slow down and smell the cheese! Yaggi Cheese House
Most of us are in a hurry due to our busy schedules, so shopping for real, quality cheese might not be a priority. Instead we settle for the cheapest, “what’s on-sale” cheese. Most of us don’t know that the cheese we buy in most stores is only a few months old — not old enough to develop any type of taste profile. So we are accustomed to eating bland, flavorless cheese that does nothing to excite our senses and taste buds. Yaggi Cheese House ages their cheese until it has the right flavor and unique tastes that come as a result of exercising some patience. Once you step back in time with a visit to the 90 year-old quaint cheese house in New Philadelphia, you will be reminded of a time gone by as the cheese house is largely unchanged from its original construction. Their cheese has more flavor than anything you have ever tasted from a grocery store; and yet the price of cheese at Yaggi Cheese House is also comparable to what you find at most area grocery stores.
cheese aging
So stop reaching for the same boring cheese every time you shop. The owners at Yaggi Cheese want you to experience cheese the way that it should be, full of flavor! Schedule some time and take the family out to an authentic cheese house that still takes pride in the product they sell every day. Then you’ll want to return and try the delicious cheese recipes that you can find on their website.
So, the next time you need to shop for cheese, consider trying a cheese that’s been around the block once or twice. Cheeses labeled “aged” have a sharp, intense taste that adds punch and sophistication to any dish. After experiencing Yaggi Cheese, you won’t want to buy cheese anywhere else when possible, ever again.
Come on out and enjoy a truly nostalgic throwback to another time in our early American history, and the best cheese you’ll find, anywhere. When you try it, you’ll want to buy more, and may even want to send it to others so they can experience it as well.
Good News! You can share the gift of authentic cheese with friends and family by sending a gift basket from Yaggi Cheese House. They take orders year round, so it’s never too early to place your order. You can even place your Holiday Order now and give them a date near the holidays that you would like it to be picked up or shipped….Due to weather conditions they can’t ship year round. However, you definitely don’t want to wait too long and miss the opportunity to send the very best to the ones you care about the most.

Yaggi Cheese House