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The Lion King 1 1/2: Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) | Scar After gaining access, she gathers information and reports back. Chuluun's plan doesn't go well. The two become rivals, as Makucha has no love for Zara's adopted hyena daughter Jasiri. Makucha attempts to stop the Lion Guard from entering his territory in the Back Lands, but reluctantly let's them past after losing to them in a fight. Makucha and Chuluun follow the Lion Guard to Indonesia where they come across Ora, who had also been defeated by the Lion Guard. After Makucha loses, the Guard continues on their journey. Apparently leopards are not native to the Pride Lands and the grazing animals have no defenses against them, making Makucha what is considered an invasive species. Later Makucha finds Ajabu hiding among the herd of zebras. He tracks down Ajabu and refuses to leave him be as okapis are rare. When the Lion Guard leave the Pride Lands and head for the Back Lands to heal Kion and Ono, they are attacked by Makucha and two other leopards for entering their territory. The Lion Guard › Makucha. Leopard (by Kion) Even better for him, the animals in Pride Lands have no idea what a leopard is as they have never seen leopards; they are not native to the Pride Lands. #link. Let's see if you can name all 40 of these characters without any help at all. Makucha has a great liking fo… Mama Binturong infiltrates the Tree of Life by pretending to be a sick animal that Makucha and Chuluun were trying to eat. During the fight, a dust storm comes and the guard starts to get blown away. After recovering, an enraged Makucha plots to follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life, but the other two leopards decide not to tag along because they needed to recover more, leaving Makucha to follow the Lion Guard alone. His fur is a pale lemon color, and his rosettes are brown outlined with black. Kion thinks that Makucha left, but he didn't. Powers/Skills Outside, Mama Binturong tells the Army what she has learned, claiming they have the perfect opportunity to attack. To truly do it justice, though, Favreau assembled an all-star voice cast for The Lion King. TV shows The Lion Guard soon comes to help them. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? At first, Fuli is adamant that she has already observed Makucha, but then she realizes that Makucha always zigzags in order to outpace Fuli. If other animals try to hurt them, she defends them, treating them almost like her own children. The Lion King (2019): Scar | Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Kamari & Aizi), Television One-Eye | Season two of the series will premiere in the summer. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. He is willing to fight for what he thinks is his. TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. Once targets his prey he doesn't quit until he catches them. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. He arrives in the Pridelands and decides to settle there, desiring Zara's den for himself. Hobby Chewa | 7 months ago. Beshte, who is watching from afar with Ajabu, decides to help his friends and charges at Makucha. Hunter: Leopards are great hunters as Makucha has proven to be eager to hunt his favorite prey; the Okapi, as this type of aniaml is hard to find but Makucha was proven to be skilled enough to find one and chase it. Fuli and Makini are confronted by Makucha while leading Kongwe through the Back Lands. Disney’s The Lion King is arguably one of the most beloved family films of all time and has been delighting audiences since it released back in 1994. Makucha is a major antagonist in The Lion Guard. Comments Add a Comment. Vore ... Writer,Voice Actor/Impressionist. Makucha sees the Lion Guard in his territory and they start to attack the guard. Makucha replies that they will have to make him leave, before running off. Makucha is a leopard who served as the primary antagonist of The Lion Guard episodes, "The Imaginary Okapi", "The Golden Zebra" "The Wisdom of Kongwe", The Harmattan, The Ghost of the Mountain, "Dragon Island", "The River of Patience", "Little Old Ginterbong", "Long Live the Queen", "The Lake of Reflection", and "The Triumph of the Roar". Press alt + / to open this menu. He is willing to fight for what he thinks is his. The army gets defeated again. The Lion Guard follows Kion as he assembles the members of the "Lion Guard". The Lion Guard Movie/Tv Show. When Makucha and Mama Binturong's army of predators take over the Tree of Life, Kion must find a way to channel the power of his roar and drive them out. Makucha takes advantage of her prone position to attack Kongwe, but Fuli wrenches herself free just in time and fends him off. Makucha VOICE Steve Blum. After three attacks, Mama Binturong arrives to assume command. He is very cocky in his abilities, but not to the point of arrogance, as he will surrender if he is severely outnumbered. The Lion Guard voice … However with encouragement from the Lion Guard, Dhahabu kicks Makucha into the dam, making it break and forces Makucha to leave. Accessibility Help. Knowing that the evil predators will never give up, Kion creates a huge tornado that engulfs all the bad guys and carries them away as far as possible from the Tree of Life so they never come back. Happy 60th Birthday to Steve Blum/Makucha. He later allies with Scar, becoming part of the Outlands Coalition. Makucha is a male leopard. Fuli attempts to follow him into the branches, but gets her claws stuck in the tree trunk. It turns out leopards are not native to Pridelands and none of the animals know that they are predators and have to be feared. Half of his long tail is banded in white, and his underbelly and paws are white in color. A stronger Harmattan kicks in sending Makucha and his leap flying into the trees. Crimes History Talk (0) Share. The fight stops when a harmattan occurs and both the Lion Guard and Makucha's leap run in search of shelter. Makucha follows the Lion Guard all the way to the Himalayas where he meets Chuluun, who had just been defeated by the Lion Guard prior. Very confident, manipulative, intelligent, dexterous, and cunning, Makucha is a determined predator. Occupation Strength and Combat: He seems to be strong as he was willing take on Kion. Makucha's Army are at the mountain pass following the Lion Guard's scent. He very cocky in his fighting ability, but will surrender if he's outnumbered. He soon sees Anga and is surprised to see her. This would be the first of many clashes between him and the Lion Guard. Bethesda employed over seventy voice actors to record the voices of NPCs in the game; the total number of lines recorded for NPCs is over 60,000.source? Email or Phone: Password: ... King Kion The Lion Guard and Tree of Life and Queen Rani. TeethClawsSpeedStealthCharisma He uses it to banish the army far away from the Tree of Life and never be shown again. The plan backfires when Ono notices her slip-ups, and Anga sees from a distance that she's in no danger. For other uses, see Voice Cast. Later, when the Lion Guard is trying to break a dam that is blocking the waterhole for Dhahabu's herd, and he reveals that they are in his territory once again, and he has brought reinforcements. Goals Behind The Scenes Of The Lion Guard - Voice Actors - YouTube The Lion Guard. Timon & Pumbaa: Quint | Mel | Shenzi, Banzai & Ed | Pimon & Tumbaa | Ralph & Eddie | El Toro | Claudius | Native Chief | The Three Natives | Cheetayta & Cheetahto | Dragon This time, Fuli anticipates Makucha's zigzagging strategy and manages to catch up to him and pin him down. They start to argue and Chuluun and Ora don't take orders from anyone. Makucha is the first leopard to appear in the Lion King franchise. Wanting to give her cubs a chance to escape, the mother tells them to go on without her before pouncing on Makucha. Makucha begins stalking the okapi Ajabu, having pursed him from a far-off place. Kesho. Once he locks on a target, he is hard to shake off and will take days to bring down his prey. Jump to. He has pale yellow fur with brown spots lined with black, green eyes, unsheathed claws and a long, stripy tail with a tuft on the end. Evil-doer He was strong enough that he was willing to take on more Kion, Fuli and Bunga at once. He is a surreptitious leopard who is Fuli's and later Kion's final archenemy. This is PrinceBalto's take on Makucha. Makucha is a slender, stocky leopard. Makucha was a cunning male leopard that resided in the Back Lands. Many inhabitants of the forest try to avoid having trouble with … His fur is a pale lemon color, and his rosettes are brown outlined with black. Makucha fights Rani and Nirmala. As they continue their journey, Makucha overhears Makini talking about the Tree of Life and all it's rare animals, giving Makucha the idea to kill the Lion Guard members and take Makini as a hostage to lead him to the Tree of Life. Makucha faces against If Janja hasn't given up on his evil ways, then he would've ended up like Makucha. Growler | Story appearances However, Makucha skillfully evades her and climbs into a tree. Upon noticing Beshte approaching, Makucha (perhaps knowing he would be beaten by the large hippopotamus), flees with Bunga still clinging to his tail, before Kion tells him to let go. He tracks d… Kion soon sneaks up and helps Rani attack Makucha. Ajabu tries to escape Makucha through a herd of zebras, but Makucha does not give up as okapis are rare. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. Speed: His speed is greater then Kion's but not as great as Fuli's as she was able to catch up and keep pace with him. The Lion Guard After Makucha says that he wants them to get out of his territory and that he'll even help them by showing the way out, Kion agrees to go with Makucha. Makucha is one of two leopard antagonists to appear in, Makucha is one of the three villains to not join. Though Ajabu continually evaded him, Makucha eventually caught up to him, only to be driven off by the Lion Guard. Beshte watches the face-off from afar with Ajabu, before deciding to help his friends by charging at Makucha. Makucha is a stocky, well-built leopard with incredible agility and physical strength. Mama Binturong orders Chuluun to go after the fleeing cubs as the tigress faces off against Makucha and Ora. Makucha has chased Ajabu all the way into the Pride Lands, trying to catch him. His sclerae are dark yellow, with his irises being green. Famous for his deep authoritative voice, used most famously for impressive roles as leaders like Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy and Mufasa both in The Lion King (1994) and The Lion King (2019). Originally from the Back Lands, Makucha chased an okapi named Ajabu all the way to the Pride Lands. Set after the film, Bunga continues serving in The Lion Guard. Makucha's leap and the Lion Guard conveniently find shelter in the same cave and Makucha offers to help get them out of the backlands (for the sole reason that he wants them out of his territory). Toy Story. With this new wisdom, Fuli resolves to take him on once more. Under Rani's command, the Army is beaten and kicked out of the pass. They demand that he leaves, to which he responds that they will have to make him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. <3 Plus, I KNOW that I can Voice him! The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Type of Villain Later, she hatches a plan to have Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora infiltrate the Tree of Life at dawn when the Night Pride are tired and finishing their patrols. Seeing the opportunity to get revenge, she happily accepts. Makucha appears when Kion and the Lion Guard are passing through his territory in the Back Lands. Makucha Anga spots the Night Pride (save Rani) approaching, with Kion quickly giving them instructions to fight the Army. Attempted regicideAttempted genocideStalkingTheftAbuseFraudConspiracyPsychological abuse. Donald Glover as Simba She orders him away from Kongwe, to which he begrudgingly backs off and leaves. The Back Lands Endurance and Stamina: He was able to endure Ajabu's kick and Besthi's brute strength as well as being thrown some distance as he proven to get back up easily and keep chasing his prey no matter what; he is willing not to give up this rare meal for himself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Makucha is seen stalking gazelles, before being confronted by The Lion Guard, who order him to leave. The Lion Guard is a 2023 American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 2019 remake of The Lion King. Disney Junior has renewed The Lion Guard TV show for a third season. The Lion Guard manage to fend off three of the leopards, but stop when Makucha threatens to harm the herd's leader Dhahabu. He tries to drive them off, but, after a fight, he reluctantly allows the Lion Guard to pass through his territory. Makucha kidnaps Makini and his leap attacks the Lion Guard. The next day Makucha's Army comes back again but gets defeated by the Night Pride. Rani instructs the Lion Guard to handle Ora while the Night Pride fights the leopards,  leaving Mama Binturong to Anga and Ono. His inner ears are light pink, rimmed with black and a single rosette on the back of each. Makucha and Chuluun welcome him to their group and Ora happily accepts as an opportunity to take revenge on the Lion Guard. However, while Janja redeemed himself after realizing that Jasiri was right and hearing that Scar was planning to betray him, Makucha refuses to change his ways which led to his defeat. The Lion Guard: Janja's Clan (Janja, Mzingo, Mwoga, Cheezi and Chungu, Nne & Tano) | Scar's Army (Scar, Ushari, Shupavu, Njano, Kiburi, Tamka, Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Kenge & Sumu) | Outsiders (Zira, Nuka & Vitani) | Makuu | Mapigano | Makucha | Chuluun | Ora | Fahari And Jiona | Strange Lion | Strange Cobra, Books The Lion Guard and Night Pride force Makucha's army to leave once again. Hunter Once again, after seeing him lose to the Lion Guard, Makucha and Chuluun offer Ora a place on their team, to which he accepts. As both groups engage each other, a tired Beshte is bitten by Ora, leaving him paralyzed. They soon find shelter, but Makucha's Leap follows them. Ora decides to take the lead. He acts as a recurring antagonist in Season 1 and 2, and serves as the main antagonist of Season 3 after Scar's destruction. Keep all the water for himself.Follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life so he can eat all the Rare Animals.Destroy the Lion Guard.Get revenge on and kill Fuli (all failed). However, Makucha and Janja haven't met each other. "The Lion Guard" The Imaginary Okapi (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Arrogant Man-Eater, Leader of his armyArchenemy of Fuli and KionHunter. Steven Blum He is first shown stalking gazelles, and The Lion Guard confronts him. Origin Seeing Beshte approaching, Makucha gives up on hunting Ajabu and leaves in search of easier prey. They lead the Lion Guard to a cliff only for Ono to realize that Makucha was tricking them the whole time. When another storm hits, Makucha's leap and the Lion Guard take shelter in a cavern only for Makucha to unintentionally save Kion from a falling rock. Photos of the The Lion Guard (Show) voice actors. Fuli jumps to the tortoise's defense, and Makucha backs off, though he warns Fuli that they are in his territory. Makucha Roar! The upcoming Disney Channel animated series, The Lion Guard, is a new twist on an old tale that’s getting help from an actor we know and love. Noting the Night Pride patrols at night while the Lion Guard does so at daytime, Mama proposes attacking at sunset,  At sunset  the Army spots the Guard coming and move to fight them as Kion quickly realizes their battle strategy. The Lion Guard Voice Actors/Gallery < The Lion Guard Voice Actors. Hunting rare animals. Fictional Character. The star most famously voiced the role of Darth Vader before he went on to play Mufasa in The Lion King films. Full Name After the attack, Kongwe advises Fuli to observe Makucha in order to defeat him. Makucha later appears with three other leopards and battles the Lion Guard when they enter his territory to get rid of a dam that is blocking the water hole for a herd of zebras. Makucha explains his plan of heading to the Tree of Life and getting revenge on the Lion Guard to her, offering her to go along with him. The Lion Guard later seen Makucha chase Ajabu and come to the okapi's aid. The Lion Guard (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kion engages Makucha, saving Makini and defeating him while the rest of the Lion Guard take down his leap. Wickedpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Ajabu tries to escape Makucha through a herd of zebras, but fails. After making their way through the mountain pass they run into the Night Pride. Makucha is confident and cunning, but also very persistent. Makucha is first seen hunting gazelles. Makucha. Makucha is confident and cunning, but also very persistent. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Outsiders (Zira, Nuka & Vitani) | Scar

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