marine phytoplankton for dogs

In fact, many of our customers simply give their dog some at the same time they take their own daily dose. This translates to meaning marine animals and algae. Phytoplankton contains a wide and balanced array of trace minerals that your dog can easily absorb and use. Marine phytoplankton is also tiny—five times smaller than a red blood vessel. Of course to sell a miraculous cure, you have to come up with some miraculous sounding explanations as to why it should work. Please write and tell us of your experiences with this! National Cancer Institute tests and research studies show phytoplankton has cancer-killing potential. Phytoplankton is a whole food. This translates to meaning marine animals and algae. In some cases, an animals with an overburdened immune system may feel a bit under the weather for a few days as the body is suddenly flooded with nutrition and a healing reaction occurs. Phytoplankton for dogs provides essential minerals. The one-cell organism of marine phytoplankton is directly absorbed into cells, delivering an abundance of essential properties. *Note: Always stay within feeding guidelines for all types of omega 3 supplements. Can Dogs Benefit from Marine Phytoplankton . One important reason for this deficiency is the widely used pesticide glyphosate (Roundup), which chelates (binds to) trace minerals such as copper, iron, cobalt and manganese. Dogs tend to be deficient in many trace minerals. Phytoplankton contains a vast range of proteins, minerals, fatty compounds and chlorophyl, among other compounds that teem with nutrients. Phytoplankton has a superb effect on eyesight, sharpening and clarifying vision, especially in cases where vision is being effected by an overburdened liver. One crucial reason for this deficiency is the commonly used pesticide glyphosate (Roundup). Marine Phytoplankton Omega 3 EPA Non Fish Oil Vegetarian Superfood Powder for Dogs & Cats for Healthy Skin & Overall Health. We’ve listed some guidelines below based on what we feed our own dogs. Thank you Karen Marine Phytoplankton from the bottom of my heart! Phytoplankton is an entire food that delivers a highly focused source of well balanced nutrition. While phytoplankton is the richest plant source of Omega 3 oil, the comparisons to fish oil are not necessarily appropriate. Our four-legged friends can also receive many benefits from nutrients within marine phytoplankton powder. Trace element can avoid and reverse severe disease: The body naturally produces complimentary radicals through metabolism. Found out the best way way to deliver the Omega-3’s is via phytoplankton as long as it’s organically grown with no fillers. Studies have examined how powdered phytoplankton can help your pets. Tag: Phytoplankton for dogs. As such you don’t need to feed them much and it’s by no means an exact science. Fish aren’t born with high levels of omega-3 fats. This may be the reason why we get testimonial after testimonial recounting dogs who have responded near miraculously from the addition of phytoplankton to their diets. PUBLISHED STUDIES- have shown omega 3-rich marine phytoplankton powder to have an almost miraculous range of benefits for dogs and cats. Before taking the Phytoplankton powder daily, I suffered extreme pain from compressed fractures in my lower back and … 3-pack Marine Phytoplankton Omega 3 Vegetarian Powder for Dogs & Cats Transform your dog or cat into a strong pet with healthy skin, eyes, brain, and heart; nurture it with shiny and glossy coat; boost its immune system and avoid illness with our sustainably-grown phytoplankton incredibly high in nutrition and vegetarian omega 3 for dogs and cats! 2. Order Mr. Ros Marine Phytoplankton for Dogs and Cats on; Dangers of Phytoplankton Supplements. One of the most common reasons we’re contacted about canine uses regards cancer. Phytoplankton For Dogs: Omega 3 and Anti-Oxidant Rich Any responsible dog owner knows that the health of man’s best friend depends on our ability to provide … Long chain fatty acids: Omega-3 and omega-6 . It's consumed as a dietary supplement -- it's too small to eat as you would seaweed. Marine phytoplankton powder or marine phytoplankton supplements, are not controlled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These toxic substances all get passed to your dog and exceed any benefits from the omega-3 fats. Didn’t find anything that said it wasn’t necessary. Scientists found that the longest-lived animals, like sea turtles, contain big quantities of SOD. Activation Products Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton - Pure Phytoplankton Supplement Boosts Mi… Ingredients - 100% pure proprietary blend. Give your pet ultimate health! I take Ian’s Ocean’s Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton and you can hear him explain more about it here. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Give your pet a complete diet – phytoplankton food contains every nutrient your dog & cat needs besides being immensely rich in Omega-3 – essential fatty acids, trace minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, essential amino acids, protein, carotenoids, and vitamins. We have combined our Marine Phytoplankton ‘SUPERfood’ with one of the world’s richest sources of Seaweed that offers micronutrients, ... For larger dogs and animals over 30 kg, including – pigs, sheep, goats, horses etc 1 bottle will still last approx 6 weeks when given as directed. Boost your health incrementally with the best marine phytoplankton superfood supplement in the market. And that’s since of its antioxidant properties. This amazing ionic whole-food is a food source with a nutritional analysis that is second-to-none and according to NASA is a major source of the Earth’s oxygen. It’s unlikely there’s any more nutritious substance you can give your dog. 90 (£281.67/kg) Get it Wednesday, Dec 2. It’s a little expensive but given the research I’ve done I don’t think I can afford not to give it to my 2 fur babies. Much more concentrated and higher quality than the liquid. This means phytoplankton provides energy straight to the body’s cells. They also encourage that before you give any supplement to your pet, you first consult dog’s vet to make sure the contents will not trigger any unfavorable reactions with any food or medicines your dog may be currently taking. Phyto Synergy is 100% pure marine phytoplankton - complete nutrition that absorbs and resonates with the body's synergistic process. In recent years, he has been treating Pets and birds together with specialists. Though he didn’t set out to start a health products company, Ian found a unique way to preserve phytoplankton in its pure and raw form and wanted to share with others. Most dogs (as well as people) are deficient in trace minerals. Marine Toxicity: Be sure you know the source of your supplement, since marine toxicity is a real threat to phytoplankton, and can result in severe side effects if consumed. All ocean life depends on phytop Phytoplankton is one of the most valuable sources of nutrition in the world. Interestingly, dog owners have been the pioneers in some ways, contacting us more frequently in the early days than humans about the possibilities of this miraculous green powder. Vets alert versus anyone relying solely upon supplements to acquire vitamins and mineral alone, and not giving a well balanced diet to dogs. Why Did My Dog Start Peeing in the House Again? Phytoplankton provides fish with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA . Enjoyed a talk last night on streamlining raw feeding offered by a natural veterinarian just to see if I might get any new ideas and she was strongly in favor of using phytoplankton for EPA/DPA/etc supplementation rather of fish oil for a variety of reasons. Neither is a sufficient source of Omega-3s [for pets].” Well, shiznit! Why, it even worked in dogs! The animal can do without food additives. Marine phytoplankton is sometimes referred to as a "superfood" thanks to its robust nutrient profile. It may be doing this because of its general immune boosting properties, because it helps detoxify the pancreas, or because the phytoplankton has blood-sugar balancing properties. Unlike other supplements, phytoplankton is in fact, a whole food. 5 reasons why you should add MARPHYL ® Marine Phytoplankton Natural Supplement to your dog’s diet 1. Phyto Synergy 100% pure marine phytoplankton … The digestive system must first break down the dog’s food for it to be processed and converted into energy. When he came to me he was showing signs of age. However, some of these minerals are critical to basic biological functions. As your dog ages or experiences health problems, the liver can lose its capability to make these jobs. My mischievous little monster got into my phytoplankton supply and dragged it all over the house (even into the bathroom). Darlene Pelletier and Gizmo. What would be the recommended amount for dogs? Lonjevitee Phytoplankton for Cats and Dogs 'Gold Grade' 30g freeze dried loose powder with added fish oil packed in a stand up pouch. Marine phytoplankton are fast becoming the next big thing in the health sector with many pharceutical giants and health experts attributing quite a number of health benefits and cures to marine phytoplankton. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. With its abundance of completely pure, long chain EPA fatty acids, we are confident that marine phytoplankton represents the purest, most powerful source of EFA’s for dogs. Size: Clear: Phyto Synergy quantity. Which’s since of its antioxidant properties. Is it open or closed cell? All ocean life depends upon phytoplankton. Transform your dog or cat into a strong pet with a healthy skin, eyes, brain, and heart. Let the dog rejoice! The benefits of phytoplankton for dogs are associated with the high content of the following nutrients: 1. Our suggestion is that you simply try it and see how it works for you pet – it’ll certainly offer a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral which can be easily absorbed, as well as a powerful energy booster. Anti-oxidants are molecules that can avoid this cell damage. Marine phytoplankton food contains every nutrient your dog and cat needs besides being immensely rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, trace minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, essential amino acids, protein, carotenoids, and vitamins. And as researchers are discovering, it fights cancer and other diseases too. For Dogs and Cats 15g size provides 50 Servings! Phytoplankton can deliver nutrients that help bring back liver health without making it work for those nutrients. Packed with superoxide dismutase, minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and EFA’s, this green powder offers phenomenal broad spectrum immune system benefits. Since this is a question we’re often asked, we thought we’d address it directly. About Blog's Author | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Contact Us, Marine phytoplankton is conveniently offered in a powder or supplement, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Overall, we can say this natural wholefood product really has minimal sideeffects and, in thousands of sales, we’ve had wonderful reviews and positive responses. And they get it from phytoplankton. According to NASA, marine phytoplankton plays a major role in the supply of earth’s air being responsible for 90% of our planet’s oxygen. I love my dog and will buy phytoplankton. MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+ is a nutrition frenzy – Plankton for Pets containing Australian Marine Phytoplankton is our oceans very own ‘SUPERfood!’ Embracing nutrition as Mother Nature intended. Author of several hundred articles about health and healthy lifestyle. The high bioavailable oil and nutrients in phytoplankton make it a superb addition to any dietary regime for your dog, and we’re confident you’ll notice a real shine to their coats soon after doing this. Hello, In this Mr Ros video we explaine what marine phytoplankton is , the benefits and how much tom give to your dog(s) Greetings Gijs Starre. It is highly absorbable in a way which crosses the blood brain barrier. Marine phytoplankton. This brings me to the main point of this article: trying to decide which source of marine omega 3 is best. How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Puppy, Selenium has actually been revealed to prevent cancer growths, Magnesium supports heart, joint and neurological health, Without radiation, heavy metals or other toxic substances, Non-genetically modified (GMO), vegan and without fillers, Improve cellular function … resulting in healthier organs (like the liver and thyroid), minimized inflammation, enhanced digestion, increased energy and endurance, minimized hyperactivity and anxiety. Darlene Pelletier and Gizmo. Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world with high levels of Chlorophyll (type A), Antioxidants, Beta Carotene, and Zeaxanthin. And fish oil is not sustainable and develops dead zones in our oceans. Phytoplankton includes the Omega-3 vital fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). It makes up about 25% of all vegetation on the planet, but is unique in how quickly it can reproduce itself, making it a highly sustainable food source. Marine phytoplankton supplements can provide such assistance. So SOD can be a crucial addition to your dog’s diet! Boost their immune system and avoid illness with our sustainably grown phytoplankton incredibly high in nutrition and vegetarian omega-3 EFAs for dogs and cats! National Cancer Institute tests and research studies reveal phytoplankton has cancer-killing capacity. Thank you Karen Marine Phytoplankton from the bottom of my heart! We also don't show you Personalized Ads. The high levels of long chain EPA make this a winning supplement for joint health, and many people with aging dogs have noted heartening results. The best sources of these for our dogs, come from the ocean. In rare cases their bowel movements become slightly looser (or even green if you’re giving a good amount) but this passes. 59 ($15.84/Ounce) Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 27. We have to be careful about making any claims for the ability of phytoplankton to help dogs with cancer. Marine Phytoplankton is considered one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world with high levels of Chlorophyll (type A), antioxidants, Beta carotene and zeaxanthin, is a complete Vegan Protein and is the best vegan plant source of Omega 3 fatty acid EPA in the World. And manganese-deficient dogs are far more likely to develop joint disease and crucial tears. Phytoplankton are tiny, microscopic plants that are the base of the food chain in the ocean. He was 13 at the time and about to go to the pound because his previous owner was moving and couldn't keep him. Made of microscopic “nanoparticles” that are easily absorbed directly by the body’s thin mucous membranes, phytoplankton bypasses your dog’s digestive system. Omega-3 fatty acids support the body immune system and cognitive function. Although, I’m sure that the animal can do without such exotic food supplements. Put a spoonful of this into your dogs food bowl and watch their health soar. Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that are the base of the food cycle in the ocean. Here are, How to Choose Right Phytoplankton for Your Dog, Possible Side Effects of Marine Phytoplankton for Your Pet, Best Dog Food: What Is Good and What Is Bad for Your Pet. With its powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, plankton helps takes dogs back to a state of balanced health, offering broad spectrum minerals, and helping restore normal glucose levels of over time. Our four-legged pets can also enjoy many benefits from nutrients within raw marine phytoplankton powder. Dogs with leaking gut syndrome, EPI, digestive upset and bowel disease will have difficulty getting proper nutrition from their food.

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