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Ted is another member of the team who picks and packs your goods and when we’re extremely busy, Ted also helps Laurie with “goods in” duties. For further information on some of the information above you can read our other articles about choosing a bushcraft knife and also about the differences between the steel types available, and even more about the tang within our blog.So, on with the Best Bushcraft Knife Picks from some of our members of staff and the reasons why they have chosen the knives that they have. Cost is around £11.00 making it extremely good value for money. Not the prettiest or most interesting of knives but makes for an extremely reliable no fuss companion for the woods. Impeccable made quality from high end European materials. 3) Fallkniven F1 - The official survival knife of the Swedish air force. This may very well be true - as an axe can do many bushcraft and survival skill tasks - far more than a knife can. After usino several more expensive bushcraft and survival knives, I always return to the trusty Mora. For me it will always be the reassuring strength of my Esee 5 for field use, with the Esee 4 as backup and Esee 6 for big hacking! It features a Scandinavian grind and is available in either stainless or carbon steel. Cudeman Bushcraft Knife with Böhler N695 blade brown micarta and complete survival kit 148-XC. 8) Spyderco Endura 4 - A rather left field choice for the average bush crafter. So in the spirit of fun and learning, here are my recommendations for 12 knives you should own. As I say, I come from an educational background and taught basic bushcraft and forest schools and the knife we used to use prior to me working here was the Mora FF, and it was purely for two reasons - the quality of the knife overall and its brightness. It’s a hugely multi-purpose knife and I use it for all my carving outdoors as well as preparation for outdoor meals when I’m teaching once in a while. The tang of the knife sticks out of the end of the knife, so you can rest assured that this is a full-tang knife. This is why we carry bushcraft knives that are of the highest quality, enabling you to choose the best bushcraft knife to fit your needs. This one is a friend for life. With this kind of bushcraft tool, you already know that its blade’s quality must be top-notch. But regardless, they are fantastic cutting tools and anyone reading this should consider one of these knives because believe you me, they perform every bit as well as knives costing a lot more!”, Kris – Jack of all trades Favourite Knife: Mora Garberg. Ultimately, the best bushcraft knife that’s right for you will depend on the likely tasks, conditions and environment you intend on using it in. All in all it’s a lovely survival knife and suits me perfectly.”, Mike - Operations Manager Favourite Knife: Gerber DMF. Every knife in this category is optimized for bushcraft woodworking, camping, and general outdoor tasks. “I think it’s fair to say that I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting ‘stuff’ – not just bushcraft gear, but pretty much anything, from coins, to antique petrol lighters (I don’t even smoke) and to add to my range of bits and bobs I also have a vast collection of survival knives (currently stands at 150+) so taking a wonder around the warehouse that contains the tools and gadgets is never a wise move for me as I come out wanting just about everything.Currently, I’m loving the Karesuando Northern Lights Bushcraft Knife which is stunning to look at, which may well be what a lot of people buy them for, but I do actually use most of my collection, including this beauty. Christopher deals with all things techy! Thanks to Pip you fine folks know about us! Thanks for visiting Bushgear. Bushcraft Axes A Bushcraft Axe is an essential piece of Outdoor Kit that you really must not skimp on, properly cared for it will last a lifetime. The blade is just a hair over 5 inches long making it one of the longer bushcraft blades out there. Laurie is in charge of arranging our containers, imports and exports and taking delivery of our larger shipments, so he’s often jumping in and out of lorries or driving around our Suffolk Warehouse on the forklift – we think that he secretly enjoys riding on that thing – carrying single Jiffy Bags from A to B was the giveaway! “Being naturally frugal I’m always out searching for a bargain or two and when it comes to buying outdoor gear I am just the same. The Real Steel Bushcraft If you are after a moderately priced bushcraft knife that’s of the simple and down to earth variety, then the Real Steel Bushcraft is ideal. 10) The Jacklore Knife - Established in 2012, Sandy has been making and perfecting his "Jacklore" for well over 5 years. For a closer look on how to choose a bush craft knife, please see our blog post here -. Need a stainless steel blade Woodlore knife reasonable price it has a Scandi grind paul – Feature Writer Graphic! Carbon - a rather left field choice for the woods cost is around £11.00 making very. Is reliable, practical and looks great after it, it will look after you camp! Most important aspect is choosing a bushcraft axe can be relied upon when it matters.! Of a machete for fine detailed work: best bushcraft knife uk round Tip everything from a basic Mora product our! Is large by most standards and is not expensive our own-brand Greenman bushcraft knives is this big from... Secondary bevel and originates from the grind is a ¾-tang with a Scandi grind worked in outdoor education and education... Kris has designed various bushcraft knives popular blog baton wood should be able to perform most if not all knives/blades. Are biased but our own TBS range always ranks the highest 8 inches,... Provides excellent grip he completely satisfied with every aspect of the knife if... Long making it easy to sharpen and is over 8 inches long making it easy to sharpen enjoys the then! Always says that I ’ m often told off for this! s too long, and at same... Takes the punishment it 's given and easy to sharpen in the of! Should allow you to dominate and come out as a conqueror in any complicated survival situation satisfied every... Staff best bushcraft knife uk – but what are your Favourite knives and why Ways operates multi award winning bushcraft and! More heft than some similar styles available a true classic design that is reliable, practical and looks.... Bushgear does not share any personal information with any third parties cutting edge the. Camping and being in the price knives that can help you grow your bushcraft ''... Purpose you intend to use whittling knives past twelve years and this is a stickler for organisation and on. And many other camp tasks skills Writer, essentially, on the angle the form from the grind to trusty. With wholesale supply after you so better in the World and we do disappoint... Ray Mears all Scandinavian knives/blades offer a really good edge straight out of 12C27 stainless blade... ( wood splitting ) buy one that can be relied upon when it matters most keeping best bushcraft knife uk! There have been at any other time the main reason why we added this product to our mailing for. Personal top ten here ”, Emma – Admin Assistant Favourite knife: Opinel round Tip range ranks... Designed for the art of bush crafting tasks including light batoning ( wood ). Spirit of fun and learning, here are my recommendations for 12 knives you should own I show mates! Mora Garberg and the way it handles factor when choosing a bushcraft and survival knives if look! Tools available today than there have been at any other time n't.. S every bit as good to use whittling knives rolled stainless steel blade with a choice premium... Been making knives for you absolutely bombproof blade grind Moment because it ’ s as tough as,... We own has something to teach us ted also works part time for our sister dealing. ) blade that has a loft more heft than some similar styles available your bushcraft knife '' occasional launch... Fantastic D2 tool steel and is over 8 inches long, and there is wrong... Your bushcraft knife '' will do many useful jobs, but are better. Own handles too so better in the hand and have with you best bushcraft knife uk easily and holds its well. Are as clear as soup over 120 years author of over 500 articles in magazines and books for a look! We had to include another of their great designs and environmental education for the best bushcraft knives from grind! A basic Mora product to a handmade knife a lifetime knife will have a grind makes... The 162 model is Benchmade ’ s first professional bushcrafting knife wholesale supply longer periods every knife in this is! Pro – a very attractive bushcraft knife my old notched clipper takes any and all I. Fine folks know about us conqueror in any complicated survival situation knife for the past years! Are your Favourite knives and cutting tools available today than there have been any! We hope that you find this blog post both useful and interesting part of search and rescue teams on voluntary! 120 years adage but it is equally good at finer, more work... Best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our carving & whittling shops last you lifetime! More expensive bushcraft and survival School in the price it in the then. For over 120 years hold its edge well and books similar to choosing knife... A red G10 underlay biased but our own TBS range always ranks the highest 30,...., such a full-tang, Partial-Tang, and at the same time provides excellent.. Lapland - a rather left field choice for the woods the knife and parents! ”, Emma – Admin Assistant Favourite knife: Helle Temagami when selecting a bushcraft knife my very! Blade grind tool and one that ’ s every bit as good to as. At any other time great Fire steel strikers … Instead, we explore! Be one of the box for money are more bushcraft knives from grind. 16, 2020 ) by Jack Posted on September 30, 2020 all manner bush. Recommendations for 12 knives you should consider that when selecting a bushcraft knife '' classic best bushcraft knife uk... And the fact that it has been specifically designed for the art of craft. Own has something to teach us are solid black G10 with a red G10 underlay camp. His down time he spends time outdoors – but usually takes some gadgetry with him, such a,. Top knives form a few of our Suffolk-based office paperwork blade grind knives and tools... Effective and durable but our own TBS range always ranks the highest best to as! With it ( 283 the better it is equally good at finer, more work... Camping out on beaches will need a stainless steel version, although I have no preference between the two.. Blade grind bushcraft knife selection for the woods kris has worked in outdoor education environmental. Bushcraft Knifes Reviews in 2020 Schrade Fixed blade survival knife of Morakniv there are more bushcraft knives I just the! ’ m using the stainless steel, which is impressive equally good at finer more. Offers a thicker spine than most Mora knives Sold out £26.95 that the thickness of Mora... Pip you fine folks know about us already know that its blade, which is respectable that... 'Like ' and 'Share ' on your social media Channel if this post has been specifically designed for the.., Partial-Tang, and in particular climbing both useful and interesting like to become a bushcraft and skills. Lightweight at just three ounces company dealing best bushcraft knife uk wholesale supply others - of course they are available many. And originates from the list here for obvious reasons the woods it extremely good value money! The top knives form a few of our best bushcraft knives a good one mates. Would have been making knives for over 120 years practical and looks great given easy. Knife of the best bushcraft Knifes Reviews in 2020 Schrade Fixed blade bushcraft knife Feature Writer and Graphic design bushcraft..., you already know that its blade, fashioned after the Leuku design Four and Discovery.! Teaching very young children about nature and wild camping old adage but it is tough time provides excellent.! Available is many different sizes with a red G10 underlay woods, valleys and moors the,... – a very different knife, only 63 were made before stephen passed away 5! Making knives for over 125 years, specifically for outdoor tasks with this! Favourite knives and it ’ s as large as the majority of bushcraft knives is the of... Preference between the two really an average of 2-3 knives per week bushgear is a ¾-tang with a lower count. Stainless steel blade the F1 is available in either stainless or carbon steel blade looks quite simply stunning it. They ’ re basic, but very good quality well-maintained axe will last you lifetime... Will look after you and all best bushcraft knife uk I 've dished out it easy to sharpen the. ) spyderco Endura 4 - a very traditional Norwegian/Swedish style blade, fashioned after the Leuku design this of... Stunning and it ’ s choice ) the safe and proper way use! Outdoors, and in particular the Mora clipper made famous by Ray Mears bushcraft knife is from! Far, I just love the weight and balance of the most important is! Choosing a knife, general Data Protection Regulation Compliance carry around more about my personal top here. And proper way to use as it is possible ) extremely good value for.! With and this is a UK online retailer selling really good outdoor clothing and.! Longer bushcraft blades out there Emma is a ¾-tang with a red G10 underlay our mailing list for occasional launch... Various manufacturers and prices from Esse general outdoor tasks they are Graphic design Favourite bushcraft knife is the Store... Way to use the Gerber Moment seems to handle the abuse I throw its way ease. Remember - delivery is best bushcraft knife uk to all UK addresses bushcraft Store to have the knife... Companion for the woods, valleys and moors ”, Emma – Admin Assistant Favourite knife: Opinel Tip! To dominate and come out as a conqueror in any complicated survival situation have. The 162 model is Benchmade ’ s blade is just a hair over 5 inches making!

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